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Spinning Bikes Buying Guide Oman

With the decision to buy a spinning bike, you are taking the first step towards successfully and noticeably increasing your fitness and endurance. This great piece of exercise equipment gives you a driving experience like no other home exercise equipment.

Primarily used in fitness studios, the indoor bike is becoming increasingly popular in private households and is used by beginners as well as advanced and professionals at home.

Buying a spinning bike - In our article you will find out everything you need to know before buying a spinning bike and what factors you need to consider in order to find your spinning bike.

  • With a spinning bike, stationary training can be completed at home, and the feeling of riding is very similar to cycling on the road.   
  • Indoor bikes are ideal for varied endurance training and are equally suitable for beginners and advanced users thanks to the wide range of adjustment options and the stepless adjustment of the difficulty level.    
  • A correct attitude and a suitable training plan are very important before starting the training and should not be neglected.

A spinning bike is not only intended for training in the gym. It is also recommended for stationary training in your own four walls and offers a driving experience that is very similar to cycling on the road.

Buying a spinning bike- What is a spinning bike?

The spinning bike was originally intended to be used in gyms. In the meantime, this training device (Sportstech) is also gaining in popularity for private use and is increasingly finding a place in one's own household. The indoor bike is a training device for indoor cycling and is very stable.

The special feature, namely the great similarity to a normal bicycle, is expressed in a narrowly shaped saddle, a sporty seating position and a handlebar with many different types of grip.

Training with the spinning bike is designed for performance and is intended to be as close as possible to training with a bicycle on the road.

If you're buying an indoor bike and want a more leisurely workout, or you're just beginning your fitness plan, you can also adopt a more upright and comfortable position. This allows you many customization options.

How much does it cost to buy a spinning bike?

If you want higher-quality devices, you have to dig deep into your pocket, although cheaper models can be purchased for less. The price is made up of the materials and components used.

There are also various extras that affect the price. Drinking bottle holders, built-in speakers or even ready-made training programs.

Buying a spinning bike- Who is a spinning bike suitable for?

Do you like to ride a bike? Then you will feel very comfortable on a spinning bike, because most spinning bikes are designed in such a way that the feeling of cycling is as realistic as possible.

Thanks to the stepless adjustment of the resistance, everyone gets their money's worth. No matter whether you are a complete beginner or a mature professional cyclist. If you buy a spinning bike, you can do a workout in any season and in any weather and save yourself a trip to the gym.

We also recommend a spinning bike if you want to lose body weight, because this training device is a very effective fat burner and even more effective than jogging or training on the cross trainer.

Anyone who trains regularly with the spinning bike not only loses fat, but also strengthens their cardiovascular system enormously and thus their endurance. This is particularly noticeable through the lower resting heart rate and better oxygen uptake.

Depending on how you train, in addition to your general fitness, you can also train your leg and core muscles, as these are particularly stressed when used correctly.

As with any training and any sport, there is of course also the positive side effect of reducing stress. Everyday stress and professional life promote the production of stress hormones, which you can reduce again in training with the fitness bike.

Where can/should I buy a spinning bike?

If you have decided to buy a spinning bike but want personal advice again, it is an advantage to go to a shop and seek advice on site and, if necessary, try out a device to make sure which model suits your needs.

If you are already sure and know what you want, you can also order an indoor bike online and have it delivered to you conveniently.

Comparison and evaluation of a spinning bike

In the following, we briefly explain the most important features that you should pay attention to before buying.

  • Drive type:

There are also differences in the drive types. These are:

Belt drive, which are much quieter and are therefore more suitable for training at home with music or television playing. In addition, they hardly require any maintenance.

Chain drive, which offers a more authentic driving experience. Unfortunately, they involve a greater maintenance effort, since they have to be oiled and tensioned regularly.

  • Braking system:

The drag brakes provide the desired resistance. The brake lining is usually made of felt or leather and is pressed onto the flywheel. However, the resulting grinding noise is usually not loud or annoying.

You will certainly come across devices with a magnetic brake while searching. Strictly speaking, these are not spinning bikes, but ergometers, which, like fitness bikes, also enable a sporty sitting position and are a bit quieter thanks to the magnetic brake.

In addition to the normal brake, every spinning bike should also have an emergency brake that will bring the flywheel to an immediate standstill if, for example, you slip off the pedal.

  • Flywheel:

The flywheel is one of the most important elements of your spinning bike. It has a noticeably large influence on the pedaling feel during training because it serves to overcome the reversal point between the up and down movement of the bottom bracket.

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the wheel runs and the feeling when pedaling becomes more realistic because there are fewer vibrations.

Of course, heavier flywheels are also more expensive, so you shouldn't just make the concentricity dependent on the flywheel. The quality of the warehouse also plays a role here.

  • Training computer:

The purchase of an indoor bike usually also includes a built-in display, on which you can usually track information about the training time, distance, speed, estimated calorie consumption and cadence and of course your progress. Before purchasing, make sure that this display is present with the training computer.

Advanced devices are often equipped with entire training programs. There is also the option of measuring the pulse during training with some indoor bikes. This can be done either with a hand pulse sensor, a chest strap or at least a receiver for such a strap.

  • Maximum body weight:

You should definitely comply with the maximum permissible body weight so as not to endanger your safety during training. This maximum permissible body weight is usually given by the manufacturer. The range usually ranges from 120 - 150 kg. So you should also use the maximum allowable weight as a quality indicator.

  • Setting options:

You can only train properly if you sit in a good position. Therefore, the possibility of adjustment and adjustment is another important point that should be considered.

It is particularly important to be able to perfectly adjust both the handlebars and the saddle to your body size and to be able to set the desired seat angle. A stable handlebar with different grip positions enables you to train in a more versatile and varied way (but is not a must). You should keep this in mind for training with the spinning bike.  

How do I train properly with a spinning bike?

You should adapt your training to your goals, so here are some basic aspects that you can follow. Health and everyday balance: If you want to balance your everyday life, reduce stress and generally be a little healthier by training with the spinning bike, training without intensity peaks is sufficient.

Fitness and Weight Loss: To improve your fitness, consider interval training. With this type of training, you will push your limits and get better and fitter. However, if you are just beginning your training, you should start out more calmly and increase the intensity over time.


A spinning bike is definitely a good choice for the home and has many advantages. You can train regardless of the weather and season and according to your own schedule.

Indoor cycling trains acceleration, muscle power and also your jumping ability. The cardiovascular system, metabolism and immune system experience a positive side effect and are greatly strengthened and promoted.

When buying, you should pay attention to good stability, adjustability and the right size. In addition, a powder coating is strongly recommended to protect the spinning bike from corrosion caused by sweat and thus to have a long service life.

An extra such as a bike computer, which displays speed, distance, heart rate and calorie consumption, is also a great advantage. All in all, training with the spinning bike is definitely recommended for both beginners and advanced users at home and in the gym.

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