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Elliptical Cross Trainers Buying Guide Oman

An elliptical trainer is a piece of equipment that allows you to train your lower body and upper body at the same time. It works with two pedals, one for each foot. The user stands on these pedals and holds on to handles attached to an arm-like structure in front of them. As you move your legs back and forth, your arms will also swing up and down, simulating walking without actually having to run. Even beginners can easily start training on elliptical cross trainers.

Elliptical trainers join the ranks of fitness equipment for the home and are enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Elliptical trainers are gentler on joints and muscles during training than classic cross trainers. The reason is their typical elliptical run. Elliptical trainers are similar in design to cross trainers and are also fundamentally similar to them. However, they differ in some important ways, which has a significant impact on the training and its effect. As with all fitness equipment, you should pay special attention to a few factors!

Factors to consider while choosing an elliptical cross trainer:

  • Flywheel mass: The flywheel mass is a rotating weight that ensures even movement. Even if the flywheel mass plays a not-inconsiderable role, you don't have to choose a particularly heavy weight to guarantee a smooth run. Weights of 5 to 10 kilograms are already sufficient for this. 
  • Pedals and pedal spacing: The pedal spacing between the pedals (also called footboards) should not be too large. As a rough guideline, the distance between the pedals should not be greater than 20 cm.
  • Braking system: The braking system is probably the most important feature of your future elliptical trainer. There are different types:
    • Magnetic braking system: The magnetic braking system works with a moving permanent magnet that can be used to adjust the resistance. This works either manually or electronically. This braking system is a little louder during operation, but it is also cheaper. 
    • Induction braking system: Induction braking systems do not work with a permanent magnet, but with a coil that generates a magnetic field through electricity. This allows the resistances to be controlled more precisely. Induction systems are virtually silent during training. However, elliptical trainers with induction braking systems are also more expensive to buy.
  • Ergonomic handles: Because you stand up while exercising on an elliptical trainer, you don't have to worry about a comfortable saddle. Rather, you should look for ergonomic handles that give you several options for changing your grip. This makes your hands and arms tire less quickly and makes the training more varied.
  • Stability: If you're going to get an elliptical, there's one thing you need to be aware of: the machines are pretty damn big. You should therefore have a traditional place to set up your elliptical trainer. Most models have transport wheels that make them easy to move in an emergency. In any case, you should ensure that your training room has a sufficiently high ceiling. If you stand on an elliptical trainer, you have to add at least 30 cm to your height. Note: Also pay attention to high-quality and stable workmanship. Your elliptical trainer should always have a secure footing, especially during longer training sessions. A high dead weight of the device can already be decisive here. You should also note the maximum user weight. Here you can follow the manufacturer's instructions so as not to minimize the stability of your elliptical trainer. 
  • Training computer: Many elliptical trainers come with training computers that make your training more comfortable. Not only are the training programs and the associated settings easier to make, you can also watch films during the training to make the training time more comfortable.

What muscle groups does an elliptical trainer work?

Cross trainers in general and elliptical trainers in particular are machines that train a large part of your muscle groups in one workout. Foot and leg muscles are trained through the ups and downs of the elliptical run. If you regularly change the way you run or step length, your legs will be trained in an even more varied way.

Buttocks, back and abdominal muscles stabilize your body and are therefore constantly under tension. Holding the handles, especially if you occasionally change your grip, will also engage your arms in the workout.

How effective is training with an elliptical trainer?

You'll get the most from your elliptical trainer if you keep at it regularly. Not only will your muscles be trained, but your endurance will also improve, making longer training sessions possible.

Don't get in too high at first, though. Start slow and build up over time. This not only increases the effect your training will have over the long term, but also minimizes the risk of injury.

Difference between a cross trainer and an elliptical trainer:

In the past, you could recognize the elliptical trainer and cross trainer by the positioning of the flywheel. In elliptical trainers, this was installed at the front, while it was installed at the rear of classic cross trainers. Although this can still serve as a rough orientation for classifying the devices, the distinction is no longer that easy.

You can tell a real elliptical trainer by its barrel. As the name suggests, it is elliptical. That means the stride length is higher. This makes the training more like jogging. This is because the pedals (or footplates) are less stiff and instead more nimble. In contrast to this, the movements of the classic cross trainer are more jerky. The simulated steps are significantly smaller due to the less flexible pedals. The movement sequence with a cross trainer is similar to climbing stairs.

If you still don't like going outside or going to the gym, it may be worth getting an elliptical trainer. It enables training at different levels of intensity at home. Elliptical trainer tests tell you the differences to other exercise bikes. Just read the above elliptical cross trainer buying guide to see if the elliptical trainer is the perfect exercise solution for you.

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