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Buying Guide: Home Gym UAE

When staying at home became inevitable, people started modifying their lifestyle to stay more active and healthy even indoors. Owning a complete multi gym set was considered a luxury during the pre-pandemic era! However, COVID breakout has turned it out into a necessity for many! When stepping out of home was not allowed, more people started thinking about home gym and its adequacy. Is setting up a home gym better than a fitness centre? 

Due to our increasingly sedentary work in the office, movement in everyday life is unfortunately often neglected. More and more studies are finding that it is important to exercise every day to keep the body healthy. The trend is clearly towards workouts at home. No matter whatever your living situation, there’s space and supporting tools to help you keep moving. You will definitely be able to set up your fitness space within your budgetary restraints, if you are determined. 

Home gym and fitness centre; which is the better option?

When comparing the two, the first thing to be pointed out is the convenience of time. Fitness centres have certain time schedules where you need to be there for the training. Multi gym machine lets you choose a convenient time without any second thought. After the pandemic, people tend to be more conscious about the air-borne and contagious diseases. Fitness centres can be a primary spot for such health hazards. A home gym lets you get fit without worrying about health safety. 

Most people underrate home gyms saying that it cannot be as effective as training sessions at a fitness centre. However, it is not just about the effectiveness. It is more related to one’s willpower to do well regardless of the space they choose. Home gyms can be as or more effective as fitness centres if you are determined to work hard. An additional perk of home gyms is that you don’t need to pay monthly!

Now, if you are all set to work from your favourite personal spot, here’s a list of required home gym equipment. This range of equipment would make your home workouts more effective. 

  1. Kettlebell:

Kettlebells are extremely practical: the iron balls are perfect for fitness training at home. 

Important purchase criteria for kettlebells:

Which kettlebell you choose depends on your physical constitution. The question is why are you picking up the round weight? In contrast to training on devices on which the movement is guided, with the kettlebell you practice free movement sequences that involve the entire body.

During kettlebell training, centrifugal forces are released that affect your supporting and holding apparatus. So don't push too hard if you're a beginner. You should pay attention to these criteria before buying a kettlebell: 


As a rule, a kettlebell is made of cast iron. But there are also models made of concrete, steel, plastic or with a sand filling. In general, we would recommend choosing a kettlebell made of a very strong, solid material such as cast iron. This allows a wide variety of exercises to be carried out and the kettlebell is more durable.

A kettlebell with a coating or cover is ideal. This can be a neoprene or vinyl cover, for example. Thanks to the cover, the kettlebell is more floor-friendly, quieter and usually more non-slip. Especially beginners should make sure to choose a sturdy kettlebell with a cover. So mishaps do not end in an expensive repair of the damaged floor in the apartment.


Training with the kettlebell requires strength, coordination and endurance. Which weight is right for you depends entirely on your starting level and training goals. Beginners can train best with a kettlebell between four and eight kilograms (women) and eight and 16 kilograms (men).

Advanced women usually train with weights between 16 and 20 kilograms and men choose kettlebells between 20 and 24 kilograms. Absolute professionals can take even heavier weights of up to 32 kilograms.


The handle of a kettlebell should be very strong. Since you often lift the kettlebell with enormous force and centrifugal forces act, the handle should also be non-slip. On the other hand, the grip must not be too rough, otherwise it will chafe your skin over time.

  1. Yoga Mats:

Fitness mats are available in different designs, tailored to the different sports. When we alternately speak of "sports mat", "training mat", "gymnastics mat" or "fitness mat", we always mean the same thing: A non-slip mat as a base for your sports exercises. Here are a few tips to consider before buying yoga mats:

  • Slip resistance during exercise

  • Stability of the fitness mat

  • Size of the mat

  • Thickness of the sports mat

  • Frequency and type of use

  1. Dumbbells and bars:

Dumbbells and bars are an essential part of a home gym. Training with a barbell with weight plates or a barbell set allows you to build up your muscles effectively and is a must for classic strength exercises. The selection of different barbells shows you that the classic barbell with weight plates no longer exists. Depending on the training goal and fitness level, there are different barbells to buy. At the same time, you can equip your barbell with different weights to intensify your training. Start your workout with barbells at home.

  1. Treadmill:

Whether you want to burn calories, train for the next competition or just clear your head: A treadmill is an effective way to increase your fitness in the living room and you don't have to run in the dark in winter. Instead, you run on a level surface that is slightly springy and therefore easy on the joints.

Treadmills have motors ranging from 1 to 4 hp that can propel the belt to speeds of just over 20 km/h. With many models you can choose between pre-installed programs with which you can increase your fitness level in a targeted manner. We have a range of different kinds of treadmills to meet all your requirements.

  1. Skipping ropes:

The jump rope training offers numerous benefits that go beyond the playground or the boxing ring: Not only can you jump rope almost anywhere, the training can also help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, your endurance and your overall fitness. A skipping rope therefore proves to be an excellent training device for your cardio training, with which you can increase your endurance and fitness without requiring a lot of space or equipment.

Whether you haven't picked up a jump rope since second grade or you're a crossfitter who competes regularly, we have the best jump ropes to suit every fitness level.

  1. Exercise bikes:

An exercise bike or exercise bike is a great solution if you want to get fit from home. Having your own fitness bike at home means that you can now train whenever you want and as often as you want. This is how you achieve your fitness goals much faster and easier! Various training programs ensure varied home training so that you are constantly motivated. Regular training on the home trainer is effective, fun and improves the cardiovascular system - this is how you stay fit and vital! Some of our exercise bikes have transport wheels so that you can put the device aside after training to save space.

It is one of the most popular devices for home fitness and, like the cross trainer and the stepper, is one of the classics of endurance sports. A home trainer enables typical endurance training on a bike in your own 4 walls. The ease of use and the uncomplicated movement make the fitness bike the perfect entry-level device. Regular use of the home trainer improves endurance and strengthens the leg muscles. An exercise bike with an adjustable wattage is called an ergometer.

  1. Gym balls

An exercise ball is a large, inflatable rubber ball that you can sit on or perform various gymnastic exercises on. It is suitable for all age groups: children, teenagers, adults and seniors can effectively train mobility and balance and improve their fitness. Various special exercises have also been tried and tested for pregnancy and baby gymnastics. Thanks to its numerous advantages and possible uses, it is used as an alternative to the office chair or as a flexible piece of sports equipment in fitness courses and for workouts at home.

How much space is required to set up the multi station home gym?

When you look around a gym, your gaze usually wanders through a large park of fitness equipment and free weights. Of course, it is usually not possible to replicate this equipment park in your own four walls. The good news? It's not even necessary. While the operator of your fitness studio has to ensure that as many people as possible are attracted by the equipment in his studio, your home fitness studio only has to satisfy one person: you! An area of 2 square metres (qm) or more is sufficient for the basic training equipment. It doesn't even have to be a separate room.

Safety in your own home gym is an important point. The big advantage of training undisturbed and alone also has a big disadvantage: if something happens, nobody is there to help. Many trainees underestimate the risk of injury that can come from strength training. Hence, try to ensure safety while setting up your home gym!

If you are looking to buy other fitness machines or accessories, look no further! Explore our range of fitness products like treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, climb mill & steppers, functional trainer, multi station, power tower, smith machine, dumbbells, football table, pool table, and table tennis.

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