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Upright Bike Buying Guide UAE

Fitness equipment for the home is not only ideal in winter. You can train undisturbed around the clock in your own fitness room. Here you will find the best cardio equipment for your endurance training in the home gym.

Tired of subordinating your training plan to the weather? Would you prefer to train undisturbed at home instead of looking stylish in the gym? Then you are exactly right here. Instead of an expensive passive membership to the gym, you can get a super piece of sports equipment. Maybe even several.  

In the cardio world, you hear a lot about upright bikes. However, many do not even know what it is all about. Treadmill, stepper, cross trainer and rowing machine are common terms and almost everyone can imagine what they mean. It's different from the upright bike, most people usually think of a kind of indoor bike for the gym or at home. Roughly speaking, that's true. However, an upright bike primarily has the task of measuring the performance of the trainee. Since it is the most common, we give tips on buying a bicycle upright bike below.

The advantages of an upright bike:

First of all, we would like to bring you closer to the advantages of an upright bike. First and foremost, upright bikes do not require any exercise, which is why they are suitable for every training level and everyone who can pedal. In addition, they offer extensive training options: improvement of the cardiovascular system, increase in general endurance or strengthening of the legs. The upright bike is the right choice for many training goals. The training is carried out in a seated position, which is easy on the joints and is comfortable.

Recumbent bike or stationary bike?

The first decision you have to make is whether you would rather have a recumbent bike (recumbent upright bike) or a bicycle upright bike. The main difference between the two lies in their appearance. The upright bicycle is a stationary bicycle and also looks like an indoor bike in terms of structure. The pedals are under the saddle and you sit upright. It's different with the recumbent upright bike. The pedals are further forward under the display and the exerciser is in a recumbent position with the upper body upright. These also have a backrest, which supports and relieves the back.

Saddle and training control:

When buying an upright bike, you should make sure that the seat is height-adjustable. Different heights should be adjustable in several stages so that the seat can be individually adjusted to the user. So that everyone can train comfortably, it is recommended that the saddle is large enough and has a comfortable seat. Tip: Gel saddles offer a high level of comfort. In any case, the upright bike should be able to control the heart rate. You can set the heart rate at which you want to train and the upright bike will adjust itself automatically. Training goals can therefore be achieved more easily and training control is simplified.

Resistance and training computer:

In order for an upright bike to really be an upright bike, the wattage must be able to be controlled manually. This should be adjustable up to at least 250 watts. In this way, the resistance can be individually adjusted and new stimuli can be set again and again during training. The training computer should offer the possibility of different training programs. It is difficult to say which programs are suitable for you. We recommend training programs such as interval training, heart rate control and training progress tracking programs. The motivation and the fun remain the same.

Who is it for?

The upright bicycle is the right choice for those who suffer from health restrictions. Thanks to the display and the heart rate monitor, you always have an overview of your heart rate. Excessive training can damage the heart. Purchasing a bicycle upright bike makes more sense than a cross trainer for people with back pain. When sitting, the back is not put under so much strain. The bike is even more worthwhile for sporty people, as you can train particularly effectively with it. These models are designed for heavy loads such as sprints or riding while standing. Of course, a very large training effect can be achieved with this. People with joint problems should best use such a device. Thanks to the additional handles that can be used, an effect similar to that of Nordic walking is achieved.

Buying an upright bike - what makes it special, what do I have to pay attention to?

upright bikes have been part of the home fitness repertoire for many years. No wonder, because the uncomplicated handling enables both beginners and ambitious athletes to train effectively in their own four walls. And the best:

With an upright bike fitness trainer, the sport is fun even when the rain is pattering on the pane from outside. Before you plunge into the training adventure according to the motto "no excuses", you should know what is important if you want to buy an upright bike.

What distinguishes upright bikes?

Even if, strictly speaking, many cross trainers and rowing machines also fall into the upright bike category, this usually means a bicycle upright bike. These bicycle upright bikes differ from the classic home trainer in that the resistance is continuously adjustable.

While home trainers come with a resistance that can be manually adjusted in stages, bicycle upright bikes have a continuously variable motor or computer-controlled wattage. In this way, the training resistance can be determined 100 per cent precisely and independently of the speed at any time. There are also significantly more setting options and individual training programs.

At the same time, the upright bicycle is distinguished from indoor bikes by its design. The sitting position on an upright bike is much more upright than on a spinning bike. This makes training on a recumbent upright bike very comfortable, even for inexperienced athletes. Additional safety is guaranteed by the panelling of the swing and drive unit.

What to look for when buying an upright bike?

When buying an upright bike, it is not just about the design of the training device. High-quality components and additional functions, from the braking system to a durable bottom bracket and anti-slip pedals through to training computers for program- and pulse-controlled training units, are decisive for the training options, safety and a good training feeling.

The most common mistake that is made when buying an upright bike is not to think about how the exercise bike should be used beforehand. If you think about how you want to use the device, you can narrow down the many different types to one or two model variants.

Although training on an upright bike is very ergonomic, beginners should take it slow and only increase the intensity once the body has become accustomed to training on the upright bike. Body parts that are unusually stressed, such as knees, wrists, neck, sit bones or shoulders, can cause pain if you start out too hard. Heart patients or people in rehabilitation should consult their doctor before using an upright bike.

How effective is training on an upright bike?

Upright bikes are very well suited for cardio and endurance training, for increasing general fitness and for weight reduction. However, since fewer muscles are used compared to a rowing machine, cross trainer or treadmill, the calorie consumption is lower.

On the other hand, you can easily watch an entertainment program on a tablet or TV, which, together with the ergonomic movement of cycling, also makes the upright bike attractive for longer training sessions.

Another advantage: Training on an upright bike does not require any introduction. Most people can ride a bike and there is very little risk of injury if you do it incorrectly or if you do not do it correctly. Unlike on a rowing machine, for example, where many athletes still have to learn how to move (of course rowers are excluded).

If we want to give you one single piece of advice, it is to exercise regularly- no matter what type of sport and what training equipment! If you don't have the time for a club and don't feel like going to a gym, you still have plenty of options. In addition to training outdoors, it is always nice to do a few training sessions on your own four walls. And, a upright bike is an absolute must-have when it comes to endurance training, as it has the following advantages:

  • High-calorie consumption
  • Joint-friendly movement
  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • Individually adaptable
  • Easy to store
  • Many monitoring options on the display


Upright bikes offer the trainee many training options. Weight loss, improving endurance and the cardiovascular system or for warming up, the upright bike will support you. In particular, the individually adjustable wattage and the associated resistance increase the effectiveness of your training. However, a few points should be met before you can buy it. If they are, then nothing stands in the way of your training.

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