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Table Tennis Buying Guide Qatar

With speeds of up to 180 km/h and a flight time of a few hundredths of a second, table tennis is one of the fastest racket sports in the world. Technology, coordination and equipment play an important role. Table tennis bats, table tennis tables (including table tennis nets) and table tennis balls have a direct influence on the game in addition to technique and endurance.

Whether for leisure, training or competition, whether indoors or outdoors, we give you tips for buying the right table tennis equipment. We tell you the most important criteria to consider when buying a table tennis table.  

There are numerous variations and not every racquet is suitable for every player. From the grip to the rubber, there is something worth knowing that will make the purchase decision easier.

Outdoor or indoor table tennis table:

The main difference is in the plate. Outdoor table tennis tables have a weatherproof and robust melamine resin top, indoor table tennis tables have chipboard. We recommend buying an outdoor table tennis table, even if it is only used in the garage or in the basement. On the one hand, the melamine resin top is protected against knocks and blows, on the other hand, the outdoor tables have corner protection that protects against injuries. Over 98% of table tennis tables sold for recreational use are outdoor tables.

Type of table tennis table:

The strength of the table tennis table is the most important factor for a good playing experience. The thicker the plate, the better the rebound quality (bounce behavior of the table tennis ball). For demanding table tennis players, the thickness of the playing surface is the most important purchase criterion. All of our outdoor table tennis tables have a melamine resin top of 5 to 10 mm. The second important point is the frame where the table top is embedded. It keeps the plate in shape and ensures that the playing surface remains absolutely flat over time. The deeper the frame, the more firmly the playing surface is embedded.

Table tennis brands:

Do not buy cheap no-name table tennis tables from China. Even if the range of table tennis tables is large, the number of well-known and renowned manufacturers remains manageable. Here, table tennis brands in particular are widespread and recommended:

    - Murano

    - Volksgym

    - Donic

Stability and mobility:

Choose a table that is as sturdy as possible. Panels made of melamine resin or aluminium composite not only defy the toughest weather conditions, the material is also well protected from scratches and dents. Therefore, the platters are also suitable for families, where children sometimes demand a little more from the table. A stable base with cross braces also improves the stability of the plate.

Also, make sure that the table can be moved. Tables with swivelling transport rollers are particularly easy to move.

 We are also often asked what colour the table should be. That's a matter of taste. In the past, mainly green tables were sold. In the meantime, almost exclusively blue and more and more gray tables are sold in the leisure sector.

Table tennis rubbers comparison: smooth or nubbed?

A table tennis bat has two sides, which usually have the same surfaces but must be different colours: usually red and black.

Smooth for more effect: With smooth rubbers (pimples on the inside), the hit ball has more spin when the appropriate technique is used. Rubbers with pimples on the outside give the ball less spin, but more control in the shots. 

What are the dimensions of a table tennis table?

The following applies for indoor and outdoor use: All tables that meet the ITTF standard have the dimensions 274cm x 152cm x 76cm and are competition-certified.

The strength of the TT plate affects the speed of the game. Beginners who are working on coordination and technique are well advised to use a 19mm or 22mm thick board. For advanced players and professionals, a 25mm thick plate is recommended, as it enables faster play. 

What colour to choose for my table tennis table?

Classic table tennis tables are green, but there are often blue and anthracite-coloured models as well. The colour does not influence the gameplay.


Outdoor tables in particular are not used all year round and have to be set up and cleared away again and again. Therefore, check whether the table tennis table has a simple folding mechanism. It should also be easy for children to use. As a rule, the higher-quality table tennis tables are easier to use, even for children, as often only a single lever has to be operated to open or close the table.


When buying a table tennis table, you should pay special attention to safety - especially if children will also be playing at the table. A simple locking mechanism is therefore important. There should be protective covers on the corners of the table, especially because of the concentricity.


There are huge price differences for table tennis tables. Inexpensive tables for outdoor use are available from as little as 300 francs. However, these do not always meet all the requirements described here. It is worth investing once in a high-quality table, which will then easily last for several decades, than buying a cheaper table several times. High-quality table tennis tables are more robust, easier to use and, with mostly thicker melamine resin tops, also offer more fun. 

The quality:

The quality of the playing equipment is also important in table tennis. What use is the best table tennis bat if it is worn out after a few weeks? You can recognize the quality on the one hand by the wood. A high-quality table tennis blade, has high-quality veneer layers and perfect workmanship. On the other hand, the top sheet of the rubber is robust and has the same level of grip even after several hours of play. However, the care of the coverings plays an important role in their durability.

Table tennis rubber cleaners and cleaning sets, as well as a racket bag or racket case for safe storage, contribute to a long service life of the table tennis material. Despite all the quality, the material should be handled with care. This applies above all to the hotheads on the record, who like to throw their racquets around.

The shape of the handle:

This may now be a rather unimportant point for most people. However, the right grip shape can be beneficial to your own game. The most commonly chosen grip shape is the concave grip. For youngsters between 6-11 years of age, it is also advisable to choose a children's table tennis bat, which has an adapted handle size for small children's hands.


Not every shop offers an assembly service - and this always has its price. If you want to save money, time and nerves, you should find out a lot about assembling the table tennis table. Regardless of the manufacturer, the assembly of the table is intended for two people and takes around two hours for the inexperienced. If your dealer offers an assembly service and you want to be on the safe side, then professional assembly by an expert is worthwhile. The premium outdoor table tennis table from Sponeta "SDL Black" has been available pre-assembled from the manufacturer since 2019.

Table tennis table extras:

The ping pong tables of the well-known manufacturers usually have similar basic equipment. It is often additional functions that distinguish a very good table from a good one. Depending on the model, the tables have various extras such as

   - Ball holder and distributor

    - Racquet compartments

    - Nets with adjustable height and tension

    - Feet with adjustable height

    - Corner shooter

    - Castors with brakes

Table tennis is a popular sport and is enjoyed by young and old alike, for example in competitions, in clubs or privately. Whether as a hobby or even in competitions - smooth table tennis games only succeed with the right accessories. This includes a table tennis table, a net, table tennis balls and the most important thing: the table tennis bat, also called table tennis blade or ping pong bat. There are many different table tennis bats or table tennis paddles. All have a handle and are provided with a bat face mostly made of wood. You can decide which bat you need for yourself or which children's table tennis bat is suitable for the little ones based on your preferred way of playing. But there are also all-round models that are well suited for every game.

You can of course best answer the initial question of whether you should buy a completely assembled table tennis bat or whether you should go looking for the individually suitable rubbers and blades yourself. In general, as already mentioned, we offer almost endless possibilities to buy a table tennis bat. In principle, everyone can configure the table tennis bat that suits them personally and choose a separate blade and two rubbers according to their individual needs. 

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