Lifetime Fitness Store is the UAE's Largest Fitness Equipment and Sports Store, established in 2010. As an exclusive premium brand and fitness and sports solution provider, we offer a matchless variety of home and commercial fitness equipment.

We aim to offer the best collection of superior products through the website. Hence, we have designed this platform for the finest customer experience. With a findable user experience and buying options, we make buying any product a piece of cake. Whether it' s commercial or home fitness needs, we deliver only the best for our customers.

Lifetime Fitness Store witnessed fast-paced growth due to our commitment to ensuring quality and timely delivery. We have been the pillars of fitness goals for many across the globe. Making high-quality products available at the most affordable price is our ultimate aim, which has paved the way for growth and success. We are ready to embrace the digital transformation with multiple payment options and a great user experience !

Best customer service, timely delivery, quality products, and a competitive price range are our pillars of success. Our range of products includes:


We can't exclude treadmills when setting up home and gym workout stations. From commercial treadmills to curved ones, we have a range of machines that cater to all kinds of requisites. We understand that treadmills work for all levels of skills and goals, and hence, we make available premium, branded machines for them.

Elliptical cross trainers

Like almost all of our treadmills and cardio machines, elliptical trainers have been optimized for performance thanks to innovative, thoughtful design. Many of the products feature technologies that combine convenience with increased performance, such as simple data logging with intuitive display systems. Explore our large variety of cross trainers and elliptical trainers from well-known brand manufacturers, which we deliver to your home free of charge throughout Dubai.

Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are particularly popular among the larger home fitness equipment. The home trainers, which are based on the functionality of the classic bicycle, are particularly well suited for endurance training and challenging the leg muscles. We have different categories of exercise bikes such as spinning, upright, air, and recumbent bikes.

Rowing machine:

Rowing machines, also known as rowing ergometers, are ideal for gentle, holistic strength endurance training. We present our customers with a range of premium brand rowing machines at competitive prices. Make your full-body workout sessions more powerful with our exclusive machines.

Climbmill and stepper:

With us, you will find a large selection of fitness equipment - whether new, occasional, for studio use or used on your own four walls. Get fitness equipment that meets all your requirements at a competitive price.

Besides the listed categories, we also have boxing and fitness accessories, table games, and racks. We always consider customers first and strive to bring only the best products and services. Our priority is to help customers find the right products for their requirements.

Rather than just offering the best brands, we have a team of expert staff to help customers with their selection, planning, and designing. We believe that our growth depends on the product quality offered and the depth of services. Hence, we do not compromise on the product quality and choose only the finest brands that offer a warranty.

Since 2010, we have acquired a decisive competitive edge in terms of products and technologies. Because we enjoy advising customers on the choice of their optimal fitness equipment. Sports and fitness are our competence and passion. We advise our customers in the online shop with extensive information, and countless reviews will help you with your selection.

Our customers love our trustworthy and speedy delivery service. We have more than 10, 000 products in stock and deliver your fitness equipment quickly with the help of modern infrastructure and futuristic logistics operations. At Lifetime Fitness Store, it only takes a flash from ordering to shipping, but throughout this process, many professionally trained employees examine your goods. Our exceptional guidance and spirit of upheaval have made us one of the largest fitness and sports online retailers in the UAE.

Lifetime Fitness Store strives to be customer-centric by all means, and we continue to focus on offering the best products and services to indulge our customers.

For any queries or assistance, contact us at  +971 56 6501500.  Email us at  [email protected]




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